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I feel simultaneously inspired and overwhelmed. I just read an article by Daniel Street where he asks the question, “What does it mean to read Greek?” His basic premise is that I can’t read Greek. Not just me, but the vast majority of people who have taken Greek in seminary. I have taken way more than the average seminary graduate (about 7 semesters worth), but as he points out, I can’t pick up the Greek New Testament and read it in the same way I would an English Bible. Instead, when I look at the Greek text I am translating it to English and then reading my English translation. The process is nothing like what an original Greek reader would experience.

What is fun is that he is suggesting there is a better way to learn Greek that would teach the student to read like a native Greek speaker. I am already overwhelmed just thinking about it because I know that it won’t be easy. But then again, few things that are worth doing come easy.

I know that it will be some time before I can dedicate myself to this study. In the mean time I am planning on continuing to read Daniel Streets blog in hopes of finding similar pieces of inspiration. If you are interested in reading the Greek New Testament this seems to be a blog worth following.