Through Gates of Splendor

Through Gates of Splendor - Front Cover

On of my all time favorite books is Through Gates of Splendor.  It is the first missionary biography I ever read and when I was done reading it I was ready to move to some remote village and be a missionary.  The story was very moving and I hope it always impacts the way I look at the world and the things I place value on.

The book is incredible and everyone that I know who has read it also thinks it is one of their favorite books.  If you haven’t read it yet, it should be moved to the top of your must read list.

Here is the review I wrote for it during my missions class at Seminary.  christian-missions-missionary-biography-through-gates-of-splendor


Uneasy in Babylon

Uneasy in Babylon - front cover  Uneasy in Babylon is a book about the “Conservative Resurgence” or the “Conservative Takeover” depending on your perspective.  The author, Barry Hankins, claims to be a moderate which gave me some confidence that the book was written from a somewhat neutral stance (though true neutrality is probably impossible with this topic).

Anyway, I loved the book.  It was pretty fun to read.  I understand the Southern Baptist Convention more now than I did before and I especially understand Southern Baptist Seminaries better.  If you are at all interested in Southern Baptist Seminaries you should probably read it.  The good thing is that you will probably enjoy it too.

Here is the book review that I typed for this book while in Seminary.  baptist-history-uneasy-in-babylon-book-review1